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Calla PR is a Strategic Communications and PR Agency that works with businesses and organizations looking to succeed in the increasingly fast-paced and dynamic continent. 

We enjoy working with companies whose activities move markets, foster innovation and improve the quality of life in Africa.

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Our Services

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  • → Events Management
  • → Audio Visual Production
  • → Content Curation
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Our footprint in Africa

Africa has taken the centre stage of the global agenda. We serve clients in this vast continent, in various sectors of industry, from large enterprises, institutions and corporate organizations. Here is why we believe in Africa:
The Global Agenda

The 55 countries of Africa have taken the centre stage of the global agenda.

Trade Links

Leading economies like the US, China are increasing their trade links with Africa.

Development Pathways

Africa now has a roadmap to chart out development pathways, via Agenda 2063.

Poverty Reduction and Impact

Communications and advocacy, through the media, has a critical role in poverty reduction.

  • → Botswana
  • → Burundi
  • → DRC
  • → Egypt
  • → Ethiopia
  • → Ghana
  • → Kenya
  • → Malawi
  • → Nigeria
  • → Rwanda
  • → Somalia
  • → Tanzania
  • → Uganda
  • → Zambia

Why we focus
on Africa

Many countries besides China, Russia and the US are interested in increasing their trade links with the continent. Given all this potential upside, it is hardly surprising that the African continent is often described as “the new frontier” for global growth. Indeed, most of the African countries have experienced high rates of economic growth in the last decade, and five of the world’s fastest growing countries of the world are in Africa.

Calla PR is home to the best minds
and talent in the industry.

The key to our success is a talent-first mindset, which gives us a distinct competitive advantage, matching talent to where the most value is at stake. 

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